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As an economist as well as an online entrepreneur and an investor who specializes in exotic assets such as domain names, I feel I’m in a reasonably good position to write this book. Why? Simply because, just like you, I earn a living online. Most people don’t understand this but people like us as a peculiar breed. We’re wired differently, so to speak, and therefore have different wealth management needs as well. Sure, you could simply head on over to your local library and blindly pick a book about managing money but it would be multiple orders of magnitude less relevant to your interests than one written by someone like yours truly, who actually understands your situation.

How many people earn a living online in one way or another? As freelancers, as online entrepreneurs, as domain investors, as bitcoin investors, as authors who self-publish, as online traders and so on? Millions upon millions. Yet up until this point, nobody thought about publishing a wealth management book written specifically for this audience. I’ve decided to do something about it!

Here’s a little bit of information about myself.

I started out as a freelancer, as a freelance writer to be precise. I then launched an article writing business, ultimately expanding it to other sectors, from Web design to hosting. Therefore, I think it’s fair to say I understand freelancers better than the average economist.

I then became a serial entrepreneur and launched a wide range of projects: a brokerage business for digital assets, a domain auction platform and even an escrow service (which was sold to Agreed.com, which ended up being sold to Escrow.com… which ultimately ended up being sold to Freelancer.com). I think it’s also fair to say I understand online entrepreneurs better than the average economist.

As an investor, I specialize in exotic assets, mainly domain names but also cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. So if you invest in online assets, you can once again rest assured that I understand your way of thinking better than the average economist.

Finally, my YouTube.com/OneMinuteEconomics channel should make it clear that I love economics and most importantly, that I love teaching people economics in an entertaining manner. As you can see by taking a look at my videos, I explain rather than define and as such, make it easy for people to understand complex topics without smoke coming out of their ears and without boring them to death.

I don’t want to turn this section into a novel, so I’ll stop here. I just hope I’ve managed to make it clear why I’m qualified to give economics-related advice to those who make money online in one way or another. I love the Internet and at one point or another throughout my career, have probably had at least a little bit of experience with whatever it is you currently do for a living. This fact alone makes me stand out from the crowd and I’m looking forward to proving myself!


Andrei Polgar

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